About Us

The association of Chotanagpur Gramin Sewa is a Social, non-political and non-profit making Voluntary organization, established by the experienced professional (Rural development Sociologist) youths on the auspicious birthday of our national father 2 October 1999 and later on, it received the legal status under the Indian Trust Registration Act 1882 on 28" of June 2000 Somewhere these youth were in association and established ngos in Jharkhand. They Voluntarily felt that they should intervene for the poorest of poor and utilize their vast exposures and experiences for their villages. Hence, the association of youths with vast experiences in the diversified fields came with a common understanding for interventions by taking decisions independently at field area offices at Ranchi blocks of Nagri, Ratu, Itki, Bundu, Tamar and Khunti block of Murhu, Arki, Karra Besides, we are also operational at state level for the issue of prevention of women and child Trafficking in Jharkhand under the network of ATSEC ,India.

Mobilizing the community program beneficiary of realization of rights / entitlements and bringing self sustainable development within community are the motto of the program, which is not the program but is the facilitation of LIVELIHOOD OATH by communities for their own development.

During the program, we are working awareness generation through pamphlets/wall, social writing, village meeting etc, and capacity building process like drought proof plan training, plan exercise, village block plan, issue advocacy training, conversance meet, social audit on block program staff training /orientation program monitoring and review workshop on agriculture

Women in community also played their vital role in vegetable growing, horticulture plants caring issue decision conversance and demonstration of program outcome and prevalent issues In the development of agriculture specially during Rabi and Kharif season community, women groups, cultural groups have engaged.

We works between education for children/dropout where the accessibility is hurdle for small children, through gram sabha all the children of dropouts admitted in school.

In middle, high school cgs organization is working on the issues of health and hygiene, sanitary pad distributed among adolescent girls group our project is focused to livelihood innovation even; we looks side by basic issues such as education, health, safe drinking water, housing.

The chotanagpur Gramin Sewa always focus on sustainability now work for, group capacity building, planning with alternatives of Livelihood with all sorts of basic needs accessibility in the field of education, health, water, sanitation, communication etc in the panchayat, balancing development with livelihood sustainability with food security in the locality through their grooming and facilitation in the right direction.