What We do

The additional activities such as training of community leader on RTI, human Trafficking ,fishery and exposure of forest, fishery and agriculture which enriched local leader, community, youth, know how in implementation process of the project activities and they worked in diversified component With their action plan.

The staffs also fascinated the target group/community for other faces of development through linkages process with financial institution, economic survey, education survey diagnostic of TB patients, and enrollment in UID adhar which came in community monthly meeting discussion other than project interventions.

Concluding the impact of additional activities, the community leader & women got enriched with capacity of working in different area which helped in solving the project issues and the community got diversified ways to think over, discuss and plan in different sectors women empowerment ,alternatives of different livelihood options, health, education, traditional system regeneration etc.

Somewhere, the contribution of outsource institution like Doctor association, of Ranchi, NGO Centre for development (CFD), Ranchi, departments/ministries of agriculture, fishery, BAU,RK Mission, ,Health ,Blocks etc. are valuable and considerable for achieving the goal of the project, we are thankful to them for their sharing in the project knowingly and unknowingly.

Visible changes among beneficiaries.

  • Mukhia and ward members of PRI are taking self initiative for their village development program.
  • Ward members are organizing village meetings, as well as Gram Sabha meetings.
  • Village disputes and social justice system are being solved by self-governance.
  • Women through SHGS mobilization are making services available for ANM support during childbirth delivery.
  • Women representation in PRI structure, such as ward member, got activated with recognition of their role and responsibilities in holding the position.
  • Proper implementation of the public distribution system (PDS).
  • ENSURE job opportunities for unemployed youth through MNREGAS.
  • The community is ahead with Rabi and summer crops like wheat, vegetables, etc., and earning at least Rs. 4000 per year additionally. Such households' numbers are 15 in the command area of the traditional water harvesting renovation area.
  • Plant nursery raising initiative by the SHG and Gram Sabha representative and plantation has been done as a demonstration.
  • Capacity building of Community/Project beneficiaries/PRI representation for mobilization of resources from other sources/Govt. and accordingly future planning.